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Default Best Guide And Build For (Ninjas)

Ragnarok Ninja Guide:A character made for PvP. The character skill has the ability to be almost untouchable by melee and long range characters. You can choose to be a melee/range Ragnarok Ninja or a caster type Ragnarok Ninja, both of them are easy to handle and they are both effective killers in the PvP room. In leveling melee/range Ninjas can use shuriken or kunai type for damage and for caster type just choose a map that monsters are weak to your elemental skill.

Ragnarok Ninja Guide - What stats to focus:
For melee/range type Ninja I suggest to focus your stats on 2 stats only STR and Vit. A little hard to gain experience, but I assure you that your patience for this build is all worth the wait in the PvP room. A caster type is just like a Mage/Wizz build max out your INT then a higher DEX for casting time and a decent vit for hit points and resistance to stun.

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