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Default XiLeRO FAQ

Q: Can you give me Zeny/items/skillpoints/statpoints/levels?
A: No! Don't ask.

Q: I'm getting a Gravity™ Error! Help?
A: Update your kRO and Sakray. There's also an unstuck options per server.

Q: I'm stuck on a map. Help me?
A: Either your kRO and Sakray aren't up-to-date, or your using iRO. If you use iRO, download the latest version of kRO and sakray, else patch kRO and Sakray. Also make sure you have all our patches. See previous question too.

Q: Where can I download your patches.
A: XiLeRO's home page. Click on "Downloads". If the downloads are not working, contact a GM. In case of downage you can however use our backup downloads. XiLeRO Patcher

Q: How do I install XileRO?
A: See the installguides on forums: Guide 1.

Q: I lost my password/e-mail address. Return it to me please?
A: We do not recover any account data. You're responsible for your own account and so also for remembering your own info.

Q: Where can I earn money/levels fast?
A: Go find that out yourself, find players that are willing to tell you or check the Training Grounds for guides.

Q: Where can I find this item/monster?
A: Look it up at ROempire or RateMyServer. You can always ask about any custom mob. You can also use @whodrop <itemname|itemID> to find what mob drops a given item.

Q: What are the rates of this server?
A: XiLeRO: 1k/1k/50x XiLeRO PK: 1k/1k/2k Agony: 10x/10x/10x XiLeRO EX/XiLeRO EZ: 1k/1k/2k TE: 3k/3k/350

Q: Is there a heal NPC on this server?
A: Yes. Kitty girl heals you for free. She is in Prontera, Morroc, Geffen, Payon and Izlude.

Q: OMG, I'm ksed. Ban the kser! Please?
A: If this happened in PK or EX, don't even bother asking. It's allowed in there. If it's not, show a screenshot with proof to a GM, and they will look into it. The screen should provide the GM with a ingame nick and it should make clear this player was really ksing you.

Q: A player killed me! Ban/jail him please?
A: Sorry, that won't happen. In all places where it's possible to kill players, it's allowed as well. If you don't like it: go kill that player.

Q: Does the Upgrade NPC have 100% succesrate?
A: No. And it will never get that either. It would be too boring.

Q: Is there a stat seller NPC?
A: No. Since it's rather easy to get your money in here, a stat seller would make it way to easy to max your stats.

Q: What is the max stat/level?
A: Max level is 255/70. Max level for Taekwon, Taekwon Master, Soul Linker, Ninja and Gunslinger is 255/60. Max stat is 255.

Q: Is the server down?
A: Check the server status on the XiLeRO homepage (Check the player count; if it's not 0 it's not down). If you can't connect eventhough it's up, it's probably your connection . Also be sure that you have all our patches.

Q: Server is down. How long will it take to get up?
A: Usually it should reboot at once. If it doesn't, we don't know how long it will take. Have patience and try again later.

Q: Can I donate to support XiLeRO?
A: Sure. See The Donation page for more info.

Q: Can I support XiLeRO in any other way then donating?
A: Yes, of course you can. You may help users on forums or ingame. And of course you can vote.

Q: What is the best stat/skill build for this class?
A: Go find that out yourself. We have a stat reset NPC so you can test out a few builds. The only option is to look in the training ground section on the forums in the right class section.

Q: How do I register an account?
A: http://www.xilero.net/register.php

Q: When will we have (insert kRO dungeon/item/update here) ?
A: We can't tell you when we'll update at this time. Whenever we plan those at short notice we'll let you know.

Q: What are the GM's/Moderator's names?
A: All current staff is listed here.

Q: OMG, why is the server so laggy?
A: It could be because your connection is having some problems in which case we can't really help you. If it's on the servers side we'll try to resolve the issue as soon as possible however.

Q: Why aren't there any GM's on?
A: GMs can't be online all the time. Try looking for GMs in our IRC channel to try and get the help you want.

Q: I was banned unfairly! Unban please?
A: For all we know 99,9% of all bans are for a proper reason. So unless you can prove use you were falsely reported or that we have an abusive GM, deal with the ban. You can report false reports in the Problems & Help section. For abusive GMs PM another GM or admin. Also: See this topic for finding out ban reasons.

Q: My report was ignored and closed! Ban the dude in Screenshot?
A: Either your report didn't have enough evidence, didn't follow our report rules (see sticky in every report section) or it didn't show any banworthy violation. Any good report is being treated.

Q: I got hacked! Help me please?
A: We do not restore items any other than donation items that were lost due to a rollback. If you are using your account the correct way it's not likely to get 'hacked' in the first place. Follow our advice and keep your password to yourself.

Q: waah, someone called me an idiot, an ingrate, stupid, retarded, etc! Ban please!
A: Please don't report every one that calls you a noob or anything that small, since we do not find that worthy enough for a ban. Get back to us when it gets worse.

Q: <Insert retarded reason> Ban him please!
A: Unless you can prove someone broke any of our rules, you can report him with screenshots. We only ban those we find are violating the rules in a bad enough way for such a measure. And remember, GMs make that decision, not you.

Q: I'm reporting a well-known person and they're flaming my thread in hopes of it being closed! Waaah!
A: Don't worry about that. Any reply to a topic that doesn't follow our forum rules (ie. they're useless or they're flaming style) it will be ignored and lead to a warning. We don't ignore reports because of idiots replying.

Q: Someone is threatening to get me back or hack me, what should I do?
A: Screenshot them immediatly. Such threats should at any case be taken serious. If you, because of such threats, are afraid to post it in a report section, feel free to PM a GM with it on the forums.

Q: This server ****s, I'm leaving!
A: Then leave and don't say another word. We don't need people around that don't enjoy playing the server and try to make it bad for others.

Q: Waah, I keep getting PK'ed!
A: If you can't take that, avoid PK areas and PK servers. Don't whine about it.

Q: I see someone that looks like a bot! How do i get good screenshot proof?
A: When reporting please show 5 or more screenshots of you messaging the player, and then the matter will be looked into.

Q: Will you change WoE times, because we can't play this way?
A: No. WoE times are fine the way they are.

Q: Spawn more of <insert monstername here>?
A: No. We're not increasing spawnrates. Some are low for a fairly good reason, a challange.

Q: I think the server can improve. Will you listen to my suggestion?
A: Of course. Feedback of our users can be a great way to develop ourselves for the community so feel free to post your suggestions here. However, any unreasonable suggestions are ignored and denied.

Q: How do I post screenshots on the forums?
A: Upload on Photobucket or Imageshack and use the [IMG] tags or upload them as an attachment.

Q: What commands can I use ingame?
A: For a list of all regular RO commands, type /h ingame.
As for @-commands, a list follows below. See also @commands ingame
@storage: Opens your accountstorage. Saves you a trip to Kafra.
@gstorage: Opens your guildstorage. (Given you're in a guild)
@autoloot: Makes you loot items automaticly. @autoloot 50 makes you pick up any item that is dropped by a 50% chance or less. Use @autoloot 100 to pick up everything.
@autolootitem: Makes you loot the item you specifiy by name or item ID. Note that you can only loot one specific item at a time with this command. Can be used in combination with @autoloot however.
@who2: Lists the people online with their base level, class and joblevel. Also shows GMlevel in case of a GM. The command also allows the addition of a wildcard match. @who2 Stefan would return every player with Stefan in the charname.
@whodrop: Lists the mobs that drop a given item and the chance it drops it. @whodrop muffler_ would show the mobs that drop muffler[1]. Note: Never use a space in the itemname. You can also look up the itemID at ROempire.
@go: Warps you to a town. Type just @go to see what number is assigned to the towns. @go 0 would teleport you to Prontera for example.
@warp: Warps you to the given location. @warp gef_fild13 would bring you to WoE field of Geffen. You can lookup mapnames at ROempire. You can also add coordinates after the mapname to teleport to a specific spot on the map.
@mi/@mobinfo: Returns information about a given monster. It shows HP, stats, element, race, level and drops. @mi Bloody_Knight would list the information for Bloody Knight/Bloody Knight Champion.

Other commands:
/str+: Adds a given number of strength. /str+ 5 adds 5 strength. Especially useful when adding stats passed 99. Will not work if there are not enough status points to distribute.
/agi+: Adds a given number of agility. Works the same as /str+.
/vit+: Adds a given number of vitality. Works the same as /str+.
/int+: Adds a given number of intelligence. Works the same as /str+.
/dex+: Adds a given number of dexterity. Works the same as /str+.
/luk+: Adds a given number of luck. Works the same as /str+.

Q: I've been scammed. Can I have my items back? And what should I do now?
A: No, you can't have your items back. That is, unless you yourself can convince the scammer to return them. What you can do depends on what you did shortly after the scam. If you can provide GMs with screenshot proof of the scam happening, we can at least ban the scammer.
The best action though is to prevent a scam from happening. I'll list the most common events that cause users to ask for the return of lost zeny/items/chars/passwords.
- Fake GM: A user claiming to be a GM. They usually come up with some easy question that most users can answer without a problem. With that they also ask for you ID and password to "give you your reward". This is a scam. No real GM will EVER ask you for a password. The only places you'd ever have to give you passwords are ingame or the unstuck page.
- Duping: A user claiming he can dupe your item. The moment any one tells you that, screenshot it immediately. The scammer will tell you to decard an item while in a chat. This will cause the items to drop so the scammer can pick it up. (Even IF it's not a scam, taking/making a dupe item is illegal anyway.)
- Friends/Wife: Your "trustworthy" friend or wife gets your password and steals your stuff. For you own safety: Keep your password to yourself at all times.
- Banker: Having more then 2,000,000,000 zeny in your bank will cause your balance to become a negative amount. Lost zeny are not restored so be sure to keep it under this 2 billion.
- Vending price limit: Eventhough you're allowed to put in prices up till 999,999,999 zeny the prices are limited to 200 million. Any price you have above will show as 200 million and be sold for that very price too. For the sale of items at higher prices, use a regular trade.
- Vend scam: People sell items at a price of a more valuable item with a similar name. Examples are: Coco Card as Choco Card (Choco is most valuable), Abysmal Knight Card as Bloody Knight Card (BKC is more valuable), "Fang" as "Fang of Garm"/"Fang of Hatii". (Fang of Hatii is used in LKH quest. "Fang" is useless.)
- Scam site: People PM you ingame with a link that can promise you anything, in the terms of voting, staff application, events, item dupes, hacks or "account got under our attention" cases. The site will have a form that asks for passwords. The only place we EVER need your password is the client. Never forget this.

Q: How could I make sure if I'm talking to a real GM?
A: Other than the special sprite real GMs have in normal occasions, as well their yellow name there is one more method.
@who2 can give you the answer. The GM level is mentioned after the name, without it actually being part of the name. To show an example:


Ingame names are in the red boxes. The green box only appears behind the name of a real GM. It shows the level of the GM account. In my case as an admin that's Administrator: 99. (Make sure to double check that this is NOT part of the ingame name.)
Of course, it's a given fact a real GM will never ask for account information other than character names for dealing with ban issues.

Q: My question is not listed in any of the above questions. What should I do now?
A: First of all, go ask normal users ingame for help. If this doesn't help check our website. If that still doesn't provide you with enough info, ask in the IRC channel or on our forums. If none of this helps, THEN ask a GM for help.

If you feel any questions is missing, PM me about it.

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